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We are planing v3 of opensource iptv and we need some of you help to understand community needs. Please fill this form if you think you could help us to make best OSS software in the world.


Open Source IPTV – the customizable and freely available way to access and distribute television content over the internet. Our open source IPTV solution is developed and maintained by a community of volunteers who are committed to creating a high-quality, user-friendly platform. With Open Source IPTV, you can easily access a wide range of television channels, on-demand content, and other features, all from the convenience of your internet-connected device. And because the source code is publicly available, you can easily modify and customize the IPTV solution to meet your specific needs. Try Open Source IPTV today and experience the future of television!

Community and contribution

The community of volunteers who develop and maintain an open source IPTV solution can play a crucial role in making the solution better. The community can provide valuable feedback and suggestions on the IPTV solution, based on their experience with it and their knowledge of the needs and preferences of users. The community can also contribute to the development of the IPTV solution itself, by suggesting new features and improvements, and by providing valuable insights and expertise. This can help to make the open source IPTV solution more user-friendly and effective, and it can also help to ensure that it stays up-to-date and relevant. Additionally, the involvement of the community in the development and promotion of the open source IPTV solution can help to build a sense of ownership and engagement among users, which can be crucial for its success. Overall, the community can be a valuable asset for making an open source IPTV solution better.


Opensource IPTV is free IPTV admin panel which includes self hosted services and proxies to proxy IPTV content.

Opensource IPTV uses ffmpeg and some custom services in background.

Opensource IPTV not yet implements IPTV Stream recorder but you can run standalone software to achieve . video stream recording


Install ssh to your server and run following command ( before runing the following command, please run script from to install docker-ce version of your operating system if you already have not installed it)

bash <(curl -s -L

When setup finish, go to http://[yoururlorip]/admin


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